Editor, the Gauntlet: conservatism

By Dennis Church

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: “The lessons we hope to learn,” Sept. 9, 2004

I would hope that we were secure enough in our national identity as Canadians not to criticize anyone who tried to learn a thing or two from our neighbours to the south, but apparently I was wrong. Seeing a few Canadian MPs at the Republican National Convention is nothing to start ranting and raving about, and conservatism is not the embodiment of all evil. Here’s a hint: it’s a convention because right-wingers of all kinds are invited, regardless of what country they hail from

I suppose you’d rather see Liberals at the Democratic National Convention learning to waste money, increase taxes, patronize women and minorities, letting foreign rulers dictate how you run your country, kill unborn babies, and so on and so forth.

You also claim “In Canada, there is no fear of ideas or discourse.” Apparently, this only applies to left-of-center ideas and thinking, because you claim in your next sentence that “As an open society, American Republican conservatism will be debated and discarded.”

As a university student who actually welcomes differing opinions and learning from others, I hope that eventually we can all learn that being Canadian isn’t just about not being American.


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