Always cheap beer

By Greg Clayton

Now that I got your attention, it only takes one night of drinking in the Students’ Union bar to realize that the Den is not like other bars and nightclubs in Calgary. Sure, we don’t serve 50 draft, you won’t be harassed by shooter girls every few minutes and you certainly won’t find any wet T-shirt contests, but that doesn’t mean that students don’t love the bar they own.

The students at the U of C own one of the most successful bars in Calgary and one of the most successful campus bars in Canada. In fact, the Students’ Union runs one of the only profitable campus bars in Canada

The Den used to be known for the dirty carpets, the inch of beer on the dance floor and the picnic tables provided to sit at while you drank $5 pitchers. After extensive renovations, the Den is more popular than before and students show up night after night for a good time.

It’s cheap at the Den, cheap by students’ standards, and cheap in comparison to the competition nearby.

So next time you’re going out for a bite to eat, a beer, or a dance–consider this: while the KilKenny sells domestic jugs for $12.99, the Den sells them for $6.99 on Thursdays and for $10.50 any other night of the week.

You won’t be surprised to learn that the Den sold more draft beer than any other pub or bar in Alberta last year.

If draft beer is not your flavor, maybe the price of highballs at the Den will keep you coming back for more. While other nightclubs in Calgary sell these watered down drinks for $5.25, the Den serves you the full shot for $3.95, every night of the week. You can even drink premium liquors like Crown Royal for $4.25.

Other notable specials are $3.25 pints on Tuesdays, $3.25 highballs on Wednesday and $2.75 highballs on Saturday from 5-9 p.m.

It’s not all about the beer at the Den. The atmosphere is different, we have a strongly enforced zero tolerance policy on violence, we have bouncers that will never take you “out back” to teach you a lesson, and we serve restaurant quality foods at pub prices. You really can’t go wrong with the Den unless you want to start fights or pay 25 per cent more for food and drinks. See you there on Friday. The SU View and its corresponding headline are products of the Students’ Union. It is printed without editorial revision and does not reflect the views of the Gauntlet Publications Society.