You don’t need alcohol to get laid

By Alex Vyskocil

Every school year, hundreds of students come back to the university with the intention of getting back into their education and enjoying the benefits of a post-secondary social life. There are many nights when the reason of why you are here in school becomes blurred between becoming a better citizen in society and drinking with your friends to impress that special someone. Here at the SU, we understand that conflict.

However, let’s be honest, you don’t need to have alcohol-induced blurred vision to have a good time here one campus. The SU provides many alternatives to the bar that includes Free Movie Mondays at Cinemania, Wired Wednesdays and live music every Friday at the Empty Space. We can understand that students sometimes feel that they need to relieve their stress through beverages, but there are other ways of relieving stress.

In order to present you with the other options out there and to give you an understanding of what can happen when you take drinking too far, the Students’ Union presents Alcohol Awareness Days from Oct. 25 to Oct. 27. These awareness days will start with the Annual Jaws of Life Demonstration on Monday, followed by a Check Stop Open Bus and Alcohol Abuse and Support Booths on Tuesday. The week will wrap up with some great demonstrations of a Car Crash simulation machine as well as a Car Roll-Over Simulator. We will also have an interactive “Beer Goggle Obstacle Course” happening at noon on the same day as the simulations to put some fun into a week that deals with some heavy issues.

The Students’ Union has a mandate to provide great social activities for its students. We do a great job of this through our large number concerts and providing a safe environment at the Den, but we also want to make sure that students are making the right choices and do not suffer any negative consequences. This awareness week can give you insight into what can happen when you decide not to be smart about how you party and where you can get help if you do have a problem. See you all from Oct. 25-Oct. 27.

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