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SU Midterm Review: Alex Vyskocil

By Gauntlet

Vice-President Events Alex Vyskocil has a reputation as a laid-back, genuinely nice guy and both elected officials and Students’ Union staff enjoy working with him. To complement this, his second term means Vyskocil has a year of experience under his belt, and knows how to run the show and get things done. It also means… Continue reading SU Midterm Review: Alex Vyskocil

VP Events: Alex Vyskocil

Vyskocil has proven he is the man to make things happen. Successful projects like That Empty Space, Reggae nights at the Den and speakers like Gwynn Dyer are just some of the testaments to Vyskocil’s ability to plan out and implement events. Plans to move alcohol awareness week into frosh week, to expand the offerings… Continue reading VP Events: Alex Vyskocil

VP Events – Alex Vyskocil

Vyskocil is easily the best candidate for VP Events. He is knowledgeable from his service in the events commission, enthusiastic about the job, has a good blend of visions for the SU, and has ideas to implement these visions. Vyskocil has been a key component of current VP Events Richard “Krafty” Bergen’s commission, at times… Continue reading VP Events – Alex Vyskocil

Vyskocil is eventful

By Katie Hobday

The race for Vice-President Events was probably the least exciting in an election of epic proportions. With only two candidates running, it was also the smallest. “I’m super happy,” said Alex Vyskocil, who won with 2,954 votes. “I have wanted this position since last year, so it’s time.” Vyskocil, currently an Events Commissioner, says he… Continue reading Vyskocil is eventful

Vyskocil debates himself at the VP Events forum

By Veronika Janik

Alex Vyskocil took the stage Thu., Feb. 5, as he debated for Students’ Union Vice-President Events–against himself.Fellow hopeful Spencer Brown did not make it to the forum for undisclosed reasons, leaving Vyskocil to engage in a one-person race, where he proved to be quite amusing.Vyskocil, currently an Events Commissioner and host of the SU’s radio… Continue reading Vyskocil debates himself at the VP Events forum

SU election announces candidate selection

By Chris Beauchamp

Nominations are closed on three of five Students’ Union executive positions in this year’s SU General Election.The presidential race is closed, with current Residence Students’ Association president Emily Wyatt squaring off against two-time SU vice-president events Alex Vyskocil, current operations and finance commissioner Andrew Lahey, and newcomer Mark Armstrong. The 2006 VP events position will… Continue reading SU election announces candidate selection

SU View: Mark your calendar

By Jen Smith & Alex Vyskocil

December 8th–University of Calgary Board of Governors Tuition Decision Meeting The University of Calgary Board of Governors meet at 4:30 p.m. in the Blue Room of the Dining Centre. All students are encouraged to attend and to show their support against further tuition increases. Last February, Premier Ralph Klein told the province that a new… Continue reading SU View: Mark your calendar

Plans for BSD 2005

By Katie Hobday

It’s that time of year again–that special day between end of semester deadlines and unbearable exam stress. It’s time for Bermuda Shorts Day, an entire day devoted to drinking, debauchery, and getting leied. This year promises to be bigger and better, claims Student’s Union Vice President Events Alex Vyskocil. There will be no shortage of… Continue reading Plans for BSD 2005