CJSW funding drive

By Heather Moulton

$173,780 is the total so far for CJSW’s annual funding drive, and pledges are still coming in.

“It just keeps on getting better, year after year,” said CJSW Station Manager Chad Saunders. “The community values us enough to fork over their hard-earned cash to keep us going.”

Their goal was to raise $160,000 based on last year’s totals, so they were very pleased to almost reach $174,000.

The total money raised this year by CJSW is a Canadian Campus Funding Drive record, surpassing the McGill University’s total of approximately $100,000, raised by more than double the potential listeners as CJSW.

“We got pledges from around the world this year,” boasted Saunders. “People from Tokyo, Halifax and Montreal all love CJSW and want to support us.”

During the drive, the DJs got on the airways and asked devoted listeners to reach into their pockets and help CJSW stay on the air. People then phoned in, pledged some money, and in return got some cool CJSW gear.

“There are 200-250 volunteers at CJSW, and only four paid positions,” explained Saunders. “CJSW is completely non-profit, and we have over 100 programs on the air 24 hours a day. We need support from the students and the community to stay alive.”

Saunders was quick to explain that the money goes directly back to the station.

“We’d like to clear up any misconceptions and myths that the Station Manager throws parties in Cancun with this money. That money comes out of his own pocket.”

To pledge, go to CJSW.com or stop by their office in lower MacEwan Student Centre.

“Big thank-you’s go out to everyone who supported us,” added Saunders. “Thanks to both those who pledged for the first time and those who support us every year. We really appreciate everything.”


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