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VP External: battle of the personalities

By Heather Moulton

Four Vice-President External candidates fought for their position on the Students’ Union Tue., Feb 8. Though all candidates had strong reasons for their election, there was a larger sense of competition between two of the candidates. Both Jennifer Smith and Jesse Chahal are currently External Commissioners, and they are fighting hard for the one VP… Continue reading VP External: battle of the personalities

Food not Bombs

By Heather Moulton

Feeding the homeless and making a political statement you say? Food not Bombs is an organization doing just that, and they’re always looking for volunteers. “We serve food to anyone who’s hungry,” said Shawn Farquhar, who has been volunteering since 2002. “It’s always completely free for everyone.” Food not Bombs gets unused food from grocery… Continue reading Food not Bombs

14th in Maclean’s… again

By Heather Moulton

Once again, the University of Calgary falls short according to Maclean’s magazine ranking of universities. In our category, medical doctoral universities, we ranked 14th out of 15 universities. Defending their title, University of Toronto came in on top as the best medical doctoral university for undergrads.Where did we fall short? Pretty much everywhere. “The main… Continue reading 14th in Maclean’s… again

CJSW funding drive

By Heather Moulton

$173,780 is the total so far for CJSW’s annual funding drive, and pledges are still coming in. “It just keeps on getting better, year after year,” said CJSW Station Manager Chad Saunders. “The community values us enough to fork over their hard-earned cash to keep us going.” Their goal was to raise $160,000 based on… Continue reading CJSW funding drive

Good stuff

By Bridget Hewitt

Editor, the Gauntlet, Just want to say what a great issue you put out on Oct. 21, 2004. The front page article about the cuts was excellent at presenting the situation without too much high emotion.I have one point to raise though in connection with Heather Moulton’s article “1000 students cheated” from page 5. In… Continue reading Good stuff

1000 students cheated

By Heather Moulton

There are almost a thousand fewer new undergraduate students at the University of Calgary this year. What are the consequences? No one is really sure. “This doesn’t have anything to do with smaller classes,” said Students’ Union President Bryan West. “Some faculties are way below their targeted enrollment, and there needs to be some accountability… Continue reading 1000 students cheated

Rideshare week kicks off with breakfast

By Heather Moulton

Calgary’s Second Annual Rideshare Week kicked off this Monday at City Hall with breakfast, prizes and more. The program promotes carpooling and tries to get as many people as possible to carpool. “You don’t have to carpool everyday,” said Commuter Connections’ Executive Director Anne Marie Thornton. “Even once or twice a week makes a big… Continue reading Rideshare week kicks off with breakfast

SU has reservations for co-curricular transcripts

By Heather Moulton

Are co-curricular transcripts a good idea? On the one hand, a transcript of your volunteer work during university career sounds like a good idea, however, people have differing opinions about the program. “This is essentially a recognition of students for their involvement at the University of Calgary,” said Students’ Union Vice-President Academic Laura Schultz. “[It’s]… Continue reading SU has reservations for co-curricular transcripts

U of C 101

By Heather Moulton

Just as it has been done since 1997, U of C 101 kicked off September 1, and as usual, there were mixed opinions about the program. “More work can be done to make 101 more social, like the hypnotist on Thursday night,” said Students’ Union Vice-President Events Alex Vyskocil. “In the past, the university gave… Continue reading U of C 101