Label Review: Down Records

By Kyle Francis

Starting your own label can be a daunting task, but Myke Atkinson, like a bald Johnny Appleseed, has rolled up his sleeves to do just that with his bare hands. Down Records is the brand-spanking new Calgary-based label started and run by Atkinson. Despite only sporting one band on its roster (Veritas, an instrumental rock band), the U of C student’s upstart label looks to set the Calgary music scene a-rockin’ with its ambitious plans.

Over and above simply marketing discs for its artists, Down’s vigilant leader has no problem spending ten hours binding CD cases and affixing labels to discs by hand in preparation for a release. To dismiss the label as unprofessional just because of the do-it-yourself attitude Atkinson embodies ignores the passion a label always needs to stay vital and relevant. With a combination of professional printing, graphic art, and a genuine love for what they do, Down strives to create a look for their artists best described as “Indie done right.”

Looking to break into the view of the public by securing more instrumental and electronic-style bands in the coming months, Down is certainly a label to watch. With one hot band already in its pocket and more to follow suit, Down is set to first rock the Calgary music scene and then… the world!

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