Food not Bombs

By Heather Moulton

Feeding the homeless and making a political statement you say? Food not Bombs is an organization doing just that, and they’re always looking for volunteers.

“We serve food to anyone who’s hungry,” said Shawn Farquhar, who has been volunteering since 2002. “It’s always completely free for everyone.”

Food not Bombs gets unused food from grocery stores and restaurants for free, and then they cook it and serve it outside of C.U.P.S. on 7th Ave. and First Street S.E.

The “food” part of the name is pretty straight forward, but the “Bombs” part needs a bit more clarification.

“We think it’s absurd to spend money on tanks and the military when we can feed people who need it for free,” stated Farquhar. “There are a substantial number of people living on the street or in fear of living on the street. We should spend our money on affordable housing and social programs.”

Food not Bombs started back in the 1970s during the anti-nuclear movement. The first group was in Massachusetts and today there are groups all over North America.

“It can be really inspiring,” said 15 year-old volunteer Stefanie Kuzmiski. “I like the people, and it’s a really good feeling when someone is so thankful for what I’m doing.”

The group doesn’t target any particular type of volunteer. They work on a non-hierarchical and non authoritarian basis. Everyone gets an equal say in how the program is run.

“It’s not a bunch of rich white kids feeding poor people,” said Farquhar. “It’s everyone and anyone.”

Food not Bombs takes place Wednesdays and Saturdays. For more information about the program or to volunteer, see their website at

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