Fired, but still free to speak

By James Robert Rubin

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: “Swept under the rug: Canada submits again,” Nov. 25, 2004,

In his editorial, John Leung questions whether Carolyn Parrish’s right to free speech is more important than improving Canada-U.S. relations. I’d like to think that farmers and loggers most affected by certain American policies would favour putting food on their tables rather than Parrish’s right to embarrass the country.

Leung forgets that while Parrish has a constitutionally entrenched right to free speech, no political party is not required to retain a member capable of jeopardizing the party’s public image. Leung also believes that the errant member’s firing coincides with President Bush’s visit. That’s funny because most feel that the sacking had more to do with criticisms of Paul Martin.

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