Spun: Daniel Heffner

By Teale Phelps Bondaroff

Daniel Heffner, a U of C Kinesiology student, no stranger to the Calgary music scene, has struck gold or at least silver, with his debut, full-length CD.

Over his eleven years of experience Heff developed a unique Flamenco style peppered with hints of jazz, folk, and Klezmer which proves to be a pleasure to listen to. This self-taught multi-instrumentilist weaves the sounds of piano, bongo and guitar to create what he calls “variations on themes.” His confidence and creativity combine to create a masterful guitar sound.

Unfortunately, it’s all held back by the sometimes-poor recording quality, and the lack of clarity when it comes to lyrics. Listeners can still enjoy the pleasing interplay between guitar and piano in “I Ain’t Got No Shekels” or the fast fingerings of “Tribute to Saint Sains”. Heffner’s true love of music is expressed through these tracks and more. Keep your ears open for more inspiring tunes from Daniel Heffner in the near future.

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