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News for the unnewsed

By Morgan Haigler

Credit card protest continues A University of Calgary undergraduate paid his $1,037 tuition with coins Monday, in protest of the U of C’s decision to stop taking credit card payments. Political science student Teale Phelps Bondaroff carried more than 90 kilograms of rolled nickels and dimes in a wheelbarrow to the registrar’s office. He explained… Continue reading News for the unnewsed

Students storm Parliament

By Topher Armand

With the federal election heating up, three University of Calgary students are putting themselves in the middle of the fire. Teale Phelps Bondaroff, Danielle Roberts, and Gus Gutoski are all running to become Canadian Members of Parliament in two different Calgary ridings.Bondaroff, the Students’ Union social science representative will represent the NDP in his first… Continue reading Students storm Parliament

Music Interview: City braces for Summerlad’s noise

By Teale Phelps Bondaroff

There is a new force invading the hallowed churches of our city, filling them from knave to narthex. It crashes over pews, scattering bibles left and right and spews from guitar, pipe organ and bass. Beware when it breaks from the house of the Lord into the light of the city, creating a City of… Continue reading Music Interview: City braces for Summerlad’s noise

Music Interview: Daniel Heff’s aural feast

By Teale Phelps Bondaroff

Some people stay trapped in their homes for a helping of Kraft Dinner music served up by soup Nazi radio DJs to scratch their eardrums, while others blow out their ears with heavy metal binges. But there are those who aurally feast on the generous smorgasbord of styles served up by the likes of Daniel… Continue reading Music Interview: Daniel Heff’s aural feast

SU supports faculty amalgamation

By Sarelle Azuelos

With a possible arts faculty amalgamation around the corner, the Students’ Union has taken another step to ensure that the quality of education for the students affected is maintained. At the end of April, the University of Calgary board of governors will meet and vote on combining the arts, humanities, social science and communication and… Continue reading SU supports faculty amalgamation

BSD in financial straits

By Cam Cotton-O’Brien

With construction of the Taylor Family Library displacing Bermuda Shorts Day from its usual location, the Students’ Union is hoping to use Quality Money to cover additional costs. This year’s BSD is facing financial problems because of the downturned economy and the construction of the TFL. Historically, BSD is held in the grassy area to… Continue reading BSD in financial straits

The many qualities of BSD

By Jon Roe

The Students’ Union is using Quality Money to patch up a hole in their Bermuda Shorts Day budget caused by a number of issues, including the recession and a change of location. Though this is a fine temporary fix, to call for money for the next three years of BSDs is only encouraging fiscal irresponsibility… Continue reading The many qualities of BSD

Pro-lifers lose club status

By Katy Anderson

University of Calgary’s Campus Pro-Life club was disbanded by the Students’ Union on Tuesday afternoon. The council chambers in MacEwan Students’ Centre were packed as media crowded into the circular room to hear the SU’s verdict on whether or not the club would remain sanctioned. The hearing was called last week after university administration charged… Continue reading Pro-lifers lose club status