A lump of coal

By Amanda Andrews

Editor, the Gauntlet

I take exception to the unfair privilege given to the first year students during U of C 101. I understand that 2006 is the 40th anniversary of the University of Calgary, and I applaud the idea of gift-giving to the student population. What I don’t agree with is the unfair manner in which this was done. The other students at the university have been paying tuition and should also be included in the kind gesture made by our president, Harvey P. Weingarten, namely, the bestowal of pricey computer accessories. I feel it a slight against all students who were not included, also to inform them of this neglect in a personal email message.

“First-year students also received a memory stick for their computer, with a welcoming video–a gift to them from the University to mark our 40th Anniversary in 2006.”

-Harvey Weingarten 05/09/11

In the ArchE, the U of C Alumni Newsletter, Mr. Weingarten is lauded for his generous contribution. What of those who were disregarded- the students who currently comprise the majority of the student body? We were not ever given “a special welcome gift.”

I am saddened to think that this injurious action should be left unattended. A 64MB USB key, worth around $40 is a lovely gift, one I think every student would have appreciated.