A rational argument

By Max Pedersen

Editor, the Gauntlet

[Re: “Boylove” feature]

I have written a rational argument against the feature article (I can’t remember if its called “boylove” or if that was just the topic). [Check out the full copy of this argument online at http//gauntlet.ucalgary.ca/story/7042-Ed] My hope is that it might be published. It was my impression that the point of the “boylove” article was to raise such discussion and if someone can have a forum where pedophilia can be argued for in a rational manner it seems that same forum should be used for a rational response.

The collection of articles proposed an interestingly subversive argument which proposed that the reader be more open minded and accept pedophilia. My response is an attempt to show that pedophilia is harmful and is not a relationship founded on equality.