Construction or destruction?

By Julie Walker

Editor, the Gauntlet,

I am a kinesiology staff member on campus and have been offering nature walks for staff during the lunch hour for two years. It has come to my attention that the area just west of the library, known as the “Sculpture Garden” is slated for destruction in order to build the digital library.

This and many other mature, landscaped natural areas on campus were created as natural areas for students and staff to enjoy. They are landscaped to give the student a sense of place on campus, where they can get away from their studies, meet other students, enjoy the spring, summer or autumn weather, rest, recreate or relax with friends.

When the destruction occurs, I feel we are losing a valuable asset that adds to the well-being of students and staff on campus. These landscaped gardens are unique to the U of C and are part of our history much the same way a historic building is part of the downtown history.

The digital library could be built just north of the new MacEwan Hall in the recently turned soil, from the last construction on campus. Yes the library folks would have a little walk to get there, but a little walk is a healthy break from the stresses of work and study.

If you agree with this opinion I have a petition you can sign at the Kinesiology Client Services office, at the Dinos Athletics office and one at the U of C Outdoor Centre office. Our campus is our habitat and it is important to contribute to the maintenance of this landscape.