Spun: An Angle

By Janice Tran

Drive-Thru Records is legendary for introducing the world to pop-punk bands like New Found Glory and Hello Goodbye. The label has been breeding practically the same strain of music for nearly a decade. At least that was the case until now. With the addition of An Angle to its roster, Drive-Thru either made a major… Continue reading Spun: An Angle

Spun: Wilco

By Garth Paulson

Wilco has always embraced change. Since their inception, Jeff Tweedy and company have undergone a near-constant evolution, both in terms of band members and musical leanings. During this time they’ve moved from their country origins to summery pop fiends to rock deconstructionists to brazen experimentalists. On their latest release, Sky Blue Sky, Wilco continue their… Continue reading Spun: Wilco

Spun: Stars

By Garth Paulson

The last few years have seen an interesting trend develop in indie rock: the remix album. Remixes are common territory for hip hop and dance music, but rock remixes are still largely in their first steps, complete with all the awkwardness and stumbles one would expect. The latest band to receive the remix treatment is… Continue reading Spun: Stars

A Rose-coloured catastrophe

By Ryan Pike

In recent years, most film biographies have followed a fairly tried-and-true formula: begin with a brief look at the subject’s childhood, then jump ahead to when their life got interesting, chronicling the subject’s rise, fall and death. The past several years have seen award-winning depictions of the lives of mathematician John Nash, business mogul Howard… Continue reading A Rose-coloured catastrophe

The secrets of Island living

By Sara Hanson

Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Whenever Canada’s independent musical identity is placed on a map, these are the three cities that first come to mind. Toronto is home to indie-rock veterans Broken Social Scene, Montreal is where the members of the Arcade Fire first got together and Vancouver gave the New Pornographers their radio-friendly start. Calgary,… Continue reading The secrets of Island living

1,408 horrible things happen to John Cusack

By Ryan Pike

John Cusack is the consummate everyman. He’s not Brad Pitt-statuesque, but he’s not Steve Buscemi-ugly. This trait makes him especially good at playing characters like Say Anything‘s Lloyd Dobler or High Fidelity‘s Rob Gordon who are, as Gordon puts it, “middleweights.” As Cusack has aged, so have his characters, which means now that he’s turned… Continue reading 1,408 horrible things happen to John Cusack

Digital Library construction begins…sort of

By Christian Louden

After countless sign changes, the Taylor Family Digital Library has been moved one step closer to completion–construction fencing has been up for several weeks, despite an absence of construction. While the fencing around the MacKimmie Library’s east entrance seems to indicate that construction of the digital library is imminent, it has not yet been decided… Continue reading Digital Library construction begins…sort of

Are company Stampede par-tays out of control?

By Kristine Gick

To booby-shoot, or not to booby-shoot? That is the question being posed by a group of Calgary researchers. The Sheldon Chumer Foundation for Ethics in Leadership set out to investigate the underlying issues behind rowdy corporate gatherings at Stampede time on Tue., Jun. 19. The discussion was based around whether or not this is becoming… Continue reading Are company Stampede par-tays out of control?

Apprehensions rise as registration approaches

By Kendra Kusick

As fall registration dates approach, many people are apprehensive about Peoplesoft’s ability to handle the large volume. Initially, the debut of Peoplesoft sparked unfavourable reactions amongst staff and students, a phenomenon to which the Facebook group “Peoplesoft Ruined My Life” owed its 509-strong following. Registration will begin Mon., Jun. 25 at 8 a.m. In preparation,… Continue reading Apprehensions rise as registration approaches

Biking for a cause

By Medha Subramani

Otesha means “reason to dream” in Swahili. A 20-member bicycle tour team took this idea to heart and is addressing how everyday actions can and do affect positive change in the world. The team will make a presentation Fri., Jun. 29 at 7 pm at the Arusha Centre. The Otesha project is an award-winning, youth-run,… Continue reading Biking for a cause