Downside of the boom

By Katy Anderson

Only 10 per cent of Albertans have seen direct personal benefits from Alberta’s boom, according to a Parkland Institute report. The Calgary Drop-In and Rehabilitation Centre hosted a public discussion Thu., Jun. 14 sponsored by the Parkland Institute–a non-partisan public policy research centre–detailing a report by an institute researcher entitled The Spoils of the Boom,… Continue reading Downside of the boom

Editorial: Canadian Cancer Society too hasty

By Chris Tait

Immediately following the release of a Nebraskan study focused on post-menopausal women, vitamin D supplement sales have seen a hysterical increase, leaving most retailers backordered for higher-dosage bottles. With the study’s claim of a notable lack of cancer diagnoses in their 1,100-person control group among the portion taking vitamin D3 (cholacalciferol) supplements, it’s easy to… Continue reading Editorial: Canadian Cancer Society too hasty

Upright and locked positions

By Marina Foo

Aviophobia, fear of flying, is a common psychological problem that afflicts many people. Approximately 10 to 40 per cent of travelers have some sort of related phobia. In Flight Safety’s front man, John Mullane, shares this fear. “Every time we take off John turns green,” explains the band’s drummer Glen Nicholson. “Every time we land… Continue reading Upright and locked positions

Community children cheerily came to campus

By Medha Subrami

The 5th annual Campus Fair attracted between 8-10 thousand Calgarian children and family members for an afternoon of fun and learning on the University of Calgary campus Sat., Jun. 9. Organizers of the university’s large-scale open house invited the Calgary community to campus and featured 70 interactive exhibits, a free barbeque for the first 5,000… Continue reading Community children cheerily came to campus

Liberals win Ralph’s riding

By Kristine Gick

Not long after King Ralph’s reign ended, his throne was reupholstered red. Alberta Liberal candidate Craig Cheffin was elected in the former premier’s riding of Calgary-Elbow as a result of the provincial by-election Tue., Jun. 12. A notoriously conservative riding–since its creation it’s only been held by a conservative–the switch is significant but not shocking.… Continue reading Liberals win Ralph’s riding