Club me till I’m week

By Dean Hetherington

When cursing the crowds of people and cardboard trifolds you’ve been tripping over in Mac Hall this week: take a deep breath and realize that it’s that most wonderful time that comes but twice a year. It’s Clubs Week!

At the beginning of every semester, the University of Calgary Students’ Union hosts this informative time allowing students to learn about the clubs on campus varying from those focused on learning salsa, mastering tetris and riding your bike.

“Clubs Week is a great PR opportunity to recruit new members, promote ourselves and other fraternities,” said Alpha Omnicron Pi president Alex Krancevic.

The week allows various clubs on campus to reach out to students and encourage them to get involved around campus.

“Clubs Week allows all students to look at the wide variety of clubs on campus,” said SU vice-president operations and finance Fraser Stuart. “There are a lot more students coming in for the winter semester, we want to reach out to those incoming students.”

Clubs on display this week include a little something for everyone. The U of C has over 100 and they range from academic, religious and faculty-specific clubs.

Booths will be running throughout the week around MacEwan Student Centre courtyard and basement; with favourites such as the debate club, the ski club and the U of C’s largest, the Engineering Students’ Society.