Musical takes a look at battling an enemy you can’t escape

By Amanda Hu

Try to envision an epic battle with an adversary so invasive and inescapable, they can often take complete control of your mind and movements. Every attempt to fight them is met with marked resistance and even the tools that are meant to help in the war can turn against you at a moment’s notice. This… Continue reading Musical takes a look at battling an enemy you can’t escape

You like when he’s angry

By Ryan Pike

Back in 2003, director Ang Lee brought Marvel Comics’ Hulk to the big screen. The film benefited from a big budget and big name actors like Eric Bana and Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly, but was criticized by critics and fans alike for completely missing the point of the character. Created in 1962, the Hulk became… Continue reading You like when he’s angry

Spun: Clinton St. John

By Jordyn Marcellus

There’s a certain level of timelessness to folk music and Calgarian Clinton St. John’s displays this with ease. Solo debut Black Forest Levitation is both evocative of Bob Dylan and has a freshness that isn’t always evident in a singer-songwriter’s first solo effort. Everything about Black Forest is down-home, intimate and personal. Mixed at Acoustikitty… Continue reading Spun: Clinton St. John

Calgary’s Clinton St. John explores his personal side

By Amanda Hu

In Calgary’s ever-growing music scene, the Cape May stands out as a group that has been pumping out good down-home tunes for years. Clinton St. John and the boys have received critical acclaim with their two offerings, Central City May Rise Again and Glass Mountain Roads, providing the city’s answer to the indie folk-rock genre… Continue reading Calgary’s Clinton St. John explores his personal side

Spun: Women

By Jordyn Marcellus

Unlike a lot of albums, Women’s self-titled debut isn’t a collection of tracks culled from the studio, but a full-fledged experience. Like the great records of old, it’s meant to be put on a record player with the lights down low and a pair of comfortable headphones, not cut up into tracks for the internet… Continue reading Spun: Women

Behold the bearded Women

By Jordyn Marcellus

Like some of the best bands coming out of Calgary, you can’t really classify Women’s sound. They’re like an indie version of Donny and Marie Osmond: a little bit rock-and-roll, a little bit shoegaze. For their self-titled debut album dropping into record stores July 8, the group turned to Calgary’s own friendly giant, Chad VanGaalen,… Continue reading Behold the bearded Women

Co-founder tells tales of wild theatre

By Amanda Hu

Blake Brooker has seen many things over his long theatre career: singing Nazis, Scottish skinheads high on acid and a giant yellow rabbit. Inspired by the need to encourage experimental drama in Alberta, Brooker, his compatriot Michael Green and some other close friends founded the One Yellow Rabbit ensemble in 1982. Named after a childhood… Continue reading Co-founder tells tales of wild theatre