Editorial: When a military “tool” turns bad

By ├ćndrew Rininsland

It’s really hard to argue about taking something away from the military. When you have people risking their lives in foreign countries ostensibly for your benefit, it seems ludicrous to take away one of the “tools” they use to do their job. But what if that “tool” hurts children unaware of the actions of their… Continue reading Editorial: When a military “tool” turns bad

Doc sheds much-needed light on the overseas adoption process

By Jordyn Marcellus

With the increasing media coverage of overseas adoption, very little is known about the labyrinthine process of liberating an impoverished child from their country of birth. Images of Angelina Jolie’s rainbow family and Madonna’s child cover the magazine racks, further proof that we only see the results of years of adoption struggle, while the process… Continue reading Doc sheds much-needed light on the overseas adoption process

Zohan just zany enough

By Hoang-Mai Hong

Nary has a summer passed by in the last decade or so without the world being “treated” to an Adam Sandler movie–usually a brainless affair aimed at the laughter of wide audiences–except for the sporadic foray into serious acting (see Punch Drunk Love, Spanglish). This summer’s Happy Madison production, You Don’t Mess With the Zohan,… Continue reading Zohan just zany enough

Living on the isle of Islands

By Amanda Hu

If you’re aloof or quiet, people sometimes mistake that for being stuck up and upset,” says Islands front man Nick Thorburn. “I’m a pretty withdrawn, introspective sort of individual.” Though there are many ways to deal with being shy, Thorburn’s solution is to paint his face white and front rock bands. The self-proclaimed victim of… Continue reading Living on the isle of Islands

Molecule can invade your cells

By Sarelle Azuelos

A rare and peculiar molecule may soon open doors to vast improvements in cell research and drug treatment. Fullerene, or buckyballs, are capable of easily crossing cell membranes, which is typically a difficult feat. They are named after American architect Richard Buckminster Fuller and were discovered in 1985 by three scientists who later won a… Continue reading Molecule can invade your cells

News for the unnewsed: political edition

By Daniel Pagan

Vancouver safe injection site to stay open Advocates of a safe injection site in Vancouver were victorious last week after the British Columbia Supreme Court gave Insite a prolonged exemption from Canada’s laws against the possession and trafficking of drugs. The previous exemption was going to expire June 30 and has been extended one year.… Continue reading News for the unnewsed: political edition

Science from a different perspective

By Jonathan Davies

A University of Calgary professor is trying to bring science and religion closer together. In his latest book, Reinventing the Sacred: A New View of Science, Reason, and Religion, Dr. Stuart Kauffman argues society needs a new worldview that accepts the inability to fully understand the universe through science alone. For over four centuries, pioneering… Continue reading Science from a different perspective

Conqueriung Everest

By Courtenay Adams

Andrew Brash returned this week from Nepal after successfully climbing to the summit of Mount Everest. This was Brash’s second attempt up the mountain. His first found him within 200 metres of the peak when his team stopped to help a fellow mountaineer who was left for dead. Two years later, Brash, a University of… Continue reading Conqueriung Everest