Interview: Come Asa Coma

Calm Asa Coma’s Jarrod Sterling and Jeff Desmeules took some time during some time during the interview with the Gauntlet to do some peppy Q and As. Here’s what they said. Gauntlet: What’s your favourite album right now and in general? Jarrod Sterling: I went and picked up TV on the Radio[‘s Dear Science] because… Continue reading Interview: Come Asa Coma

Speed fractures no more

By Jon Roe

In a sport where you’re racing five other people around a hockey rink at speeds in excess of 40 kilometres per hour, you better hope that if you fall, whatever is stopping you is soft and forgiving. This hasn’t always been the case in short track speed skating, but a University of Calgary researcher is… Continue reading Speed fractures no more

Quitting smoking on campus gets easier

By Rhiannon Kirkland

Being a smoker on campus has been harder since it became illegal to sell tobacco products at all post-secondary institutions in Alberta on Jan. 1. Still, smoking remains common on campus, inspiring the University of Calgary and the Canadian Council for Tobacco Control to start a quit smoking campaign. “People will choose to quit based… Continue reading Quitting smoking on campus gets easier

SU representative locked out of office

By Sarelle Azuelos

For the past several months, dissent has been brewing in the Students’ Union small and maze-like office on the first floor of the MacEwan Student Centre. Communication and culture student representative Matt Bladek has lost all access to the office and use of SU resources, including a Den VIP sticker, for what he described as… Continue reading SU representative locked out of office

That Empty Space gets bigger, less empty

By Morgan Haigler

With an ever growing student population at University of Calgary, the Students’ Union plans to transform MacEwan Student Centre’s food court into a more spacious and modern-looking area by early September. According to SU operations and finance vice-president Alex Judd, the space, which is now next to That Empty Space, will include 200 seats, two… Continue reading That Empty Space gets bigger, less empty

Gang violence was left to its own devices for too long

By Daniel Pagan

As the city is still reeling from shock over the gang shootings on New Year’s Day that killed three people, Calgarians are asking if the Calgary Police Service is doing enough to stop the violence. Former police officer and University of Calgary adjunct anthropology assistant professor Dr. Catherine Prowse suggested to the Calgary Herald that… Continue reading Gang violence was left to its own devices for too long

Hunters negatively affect the evolution of animals

By Cam Cotton-O’Brien

Amassing data from the last few decades, Dr. Paul Paquet has found some alarming evolutionary tendencies in animal species that are hunted by humans. His work has not endeared him to trophy hunters. The adjunct professor at the University of Calgary and his colleagues conducted a meta-analysis of previous studies looking at the impact of… Continue reading Hunters negatively affect the evolution of animals

Controversial Israel-Palestine speaker visits

By Lisa Nguyen

Dr. Norman Finkelstein’s controversial commentary on the Palestinian-Israeli dispute and his staunch critique of Israeli military actions have made him somewhat notorious. Last week, he visited the University of Calgary to deliver a pointed commentary of the Gaza conflict, which is deeply rooted in the political power struggle over a partition of land. Finkelstein believes… Continue reading Controversial Israel-Palestine speaker visits