Recession leads to campus job losses

By Nicole Dionne

It was a hard goodbye for six Students’ Union staff who won’t be coming back anytime soon. An event operations supervisor, two Den and Black Lounge managers, a kitchen staff member, the Student Union Volunteer Services manager and a loading dock shipper/receiver were let go recently. SU president Dalmy Baez said that the decision was… Continue reading Recession leads to campus job losses

The Church and homosexuality: questions from another age

By Eric Mathison

High on the list of unoriginal insults is calling someone or something “gay.” It provides a catchphrase for people who really don’t know what they mean to say and are too ignorant to realize the hollowness of the insult and the bigotry contained in it. Only a couple of short weeks before Barack Obama gave… Continue reading The Church and homosexuality: questions from another age

The importance of politics

By Megan Rose

With the Students’ Union election approaching, many students give no more thought to it than a brief glance at an election poster. Chances are there will be more than a few students who won’t vote (last year’s turnout was 11 per cent) and too many of those who do attribute little significance to it. Students… Continue reading The importance of politics

Battle for the streets

By Daniel Pagan

Just now, people in City Hall and the local media are running along like headless chickens and people on fire. Do they finally feel bad about not plowing the snow off residential streets, causing stress for disabled residents, or are they sad about high taxes? No, they are worrying about the killing sprees and innocent… Continue reading Battle for the streets

The beauty of child labour

By Ryan Pike

Whenever the world is in economic turmoil, visionaries emerge from amidst the chaos to lead society back to prosperity. Programs like the New Deal changed government policies and allowed economies to recover and eventually prosper. In this current economic crisis, the most logical thing governments can do is repeal child labour laws. Children in society… Continue reading The beauty of child labour

øNo hablas Ingles? No assistance, no luck!

By Meagan Meiklejohn

With the recent inauguration of Barack Obama lifting the spirits of Americans, minorities have high hopes for diminishing discrimination in the United States. Beyond appearances, language barriers remain a sensitive issue as governments balance the battle against discrimination with properly accommodating immigrants in their country. Currently, the U.S. has not declared an official language at… Continue reading øNo hablas Ingles? No assistance, no luck!

Letter: Of unsearching scientists

By Gunther Ostermann

Editor, the Gauntlet, Recently, the prominent scientist Stephen Hawking warned humanity that, “We’re acting with reckless indifference to our future on planet earth. It will be difficult to avoid disaster in the next hundred years, let alone the next thousand or million.” Some time earlier he said that the “Doomsday Clock advanced to five minutes… Continue reading Letter: Of unsearching scientists