Letter: Editor, the Gauntlet: quit sleeping

By Julie Bogle

Editor, the Gauntlet,

The board of governors met last Thursday to discuss major university issues including West Campus, the creation of a very influential HR/Governance Committee and research at the U of C . . . juicy news all discussed in the open session! As I looked at the gallery, I saw a reporter from the Herald, an SU staff member and . . . no Gauntlet! Where were you as we discussed the proposed membership for the most powerful board committee? Where were you when Harvey disclosed endowment financial loss details and talked about the U of C’s “Commercialization” strategy? Why aren’t you informing students about key university activities that will affect us in the short and long term? Is it too early? Free coffee, fruit and bagels are provided if you’re running late for breakfast . . .

As interesting as video game violence may be, students deserve to know the direction the board is taking our university. Students pay $4.50 each semester to support our exclusive campus newspaper (the Gauntlet) and we deserve a newspaper that will wake up for a Thursday 8:30 a.m. meeting.

The board is where tuition increases are voted upon, where the annual report is endorsed and where the budget is approved, all of which have serious consequences for students. These meetings matter, but the sad reality is that the Gauntlet also missed the October 17th board meeting. Where are your priorities?

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