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Editorial: Bogle’s absence unfair to SAA

By Katy Anderson

On the Students’ Union’s website, beside the SU president’s photo, it states that the president sits on the Students’ Academic Assembly. However, this semester, that will not be the case. This is a problem. Despite its unglorified nature, SAA is important. It is where academic policies for students are designed and drafted and is the… Continue reading Editorial: Bogle’s absence unfair to SAA

Online Only – Letter: BoG report

By Julie Bogle

The University of Calgary Board of Governors met last Thursday and the open session was enthralling. It was filled with pertinent university issues and a lively discussion about the creation of a new and very powerful BOG committee, the Human Resources and Governance Committee. I understand that BOG can seem boring at times, so I’ve… Continue reading Online Only – Letter: BoG report

BOG report

By Julie Bogle

Welcome to your Board of Governors report. It’s time to put on your business suit, position your high level thinking cap and dive into University dealings . . .This past meeting the Provost reported on a major student issue– how the university plans to increase the quality of undergraduate experience. Through participating in surveys and… Continue reading BOG report

Studentsí Union end of year reviews: President

By Katy Anderson

Julie Bogle has done a proper job leading the Students’ Union as president. She managed a cohesive team, updated many inconspicuous but important policy changes and introduced a much needed affordable housing paper. Over the last month, university administration announced the decision not to allow the option to pay tuition via credit card. Although personally… Continue reading Students√≠ Union end of year reviews: President

SU View: It’s the final countdown…

By Julie Bogle

This past year, your Students’ Union has been through it all. We’ve played nice, we’ve protested, we’ve had elections, we’ve financially supported a tonne of students and now we’re prepping for one of the best days of the year–BSD! Your SU exists to serve and represent students. We’ve advocated on your behalf by attending national… Continue reading SU View: It’s the final countdown…

SU prez to miss bi-weekly meeting

By Jon Roe

The Students’ Union president will be excused from attending Students’ Academic Assembly meetings for the rest of the semester after a narrow decision Mon., Jan. 14. The assembly voted eight to seven in favour of excusing SU president Julie Bogle from the remaining SAA meetings. SAA represents and promotes the academic interests of undergraduates, meets… Continue reading SU prez to miss bi-weekly meeting

SU Review: President

By Gauntlet Editorial Board

Just like Admiral Ackbar, Students’ Union president Julie Bogle knows when protesting tuition is a trap. The SU tuition consultation policy is a near-perfect example of Bogle’s approach to the SU. Like the paper, Bogle is professional, well-researched and presents a strong partnership between the SU and university administration. The tuition policy has caught the… Continue reading SU Review: President

SU View: Tuition talk with the Board of Governors

By Julie Bogle

As finals approach, I thought it would be only appropriate to provide a “Study Fact Sheet” about our strategy on Tuition Consultation. The Students’ Union at the University of Calgary opposes any increase in tuition. It is the responsibility of our government to support our province’s learners and supporting our post-secondary education system is an… Continue reading SU View: Tuition talk with the Board of Governors