Slurpee Cup rolls on without SU funding

By Katy Anderson

In the absence of funding for a Slurpee Cup BBQ, Calgary Flames legend HÃ¥kan Loob — the namesake of the twelfth installment of the street hockey tournament — may, or may not, be dolling out Swedish meatballs to sweaty participants, said CJSW station manager Chad Saunders.

The University of Calgary Students’ Union opted not to provide funding for the competition, hosted by the campus station, this year.

Despite being a great event, the summer tournament just doesn’t involve enough students and there’s only so much money to go around, said SU vice-president events Kat Lord.

“It isn’t student focused, but their 25th anniversary was, so we’d rather put the funding towards that, and help them out when it comes time,” said Lord, referring to the campus station’s plans for their silver year.

There are no numbers on how many students actually attend Slurpee Cup each year, said Saunders, noting he understood the SU’s decision.

“The trick is trying to figure out are we going to be able to host a BBQ,” said Saunders.

“Really, our next challenge is trying to win the Slurpee Cup,” he said. “We suck. Our team is terrible.”

The tournament, scheduled for the second last weekend in August, features teams from local bands, independent media outlets and student groups. To find out how to register a team visit

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