Spun: The Beatles

By Ken Clarke

It’s about damn time. This two CD package is a promotional sampler of the 14 UK Beatles albums which have been digitally remastered at Abbey Road Studios in London and released on 09.09.09. Fans around the world can finally rejoice in hearing the fab four as they’ve never heard them before.

The sound quality has been improved substantially. The enhanced audio treatment is crisper, cleaner and clearer with improved separation of each instrument and vocal on every track. The recordings are more dynamic, complete with warmer, pumped up bass. While each disc is available separately, the catalogue has also been released as a stereo box set with all the mini-docs on a DVD, and as a separate box set which includes all the The Beatles mono mixes.

Also out now is The Beatles: Rock Band video game which will undoubtedly expose a whole new generation to the four lads from Liverpool who re-defined rock and roll.

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