Students’ Union year-end reviews: Joey Brocke

By Brent Constantin

Joey Brocke’s term as vice-president operations and finance is best compared to mini-wheats cereal, delicious frosting on one side that disappears on the other half.

During his first semester, Brocke’s major accomplishment was a complete overhaul of the Students’ Union governance structure which saw executive commissioners move from elected to hired positions, faculty representatives become linked to the size of their faculty and the VP events portfolio fold into the new VP student life position.

These moves increased the effectiveness of executives, created smoother operation of the organization and improved the campus community.

But, looking at the side without the manufactured beef-gelatin frosting, according to Brocke and his commissioners the governance review wasn’t effectively delegated, leading Brocke to take on most of the responsibility for the work and pushing other projects off of his plate. Projects like reforming clubs, which Brocke said went to the wayside this year. But, to Brocke’s credit, the issues with clubs have now been established and dialogue about improvement opened.

Brocke admits that the second half of his term was a bit of a wash with his election campaign for president taking up the majority of his time and, after being defeated by Lauren Webber, spending his last weeks training incoming VP op-fi James Delaney.

Overall though, Brocke was another strong link in a strong executive team, making sure that Brocke-Fest is balanced for students with a strong governance structure that will impact executive teams for years to come.

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