Students’ Union year-end reviews: Kat Lord

By Cam Cotton-O’Brien

Just like General Mill’s Baron von Redberry cereal before her, Kat Lord is a bit of an offbeat personality, which may have helped quite a bit in a year packaged with significant tuition concerns. In the face of these challenges, Lord has done an admirable job keeping students entertained as the last of the Students’ Union vice-president events. During her tenure, students have been able to enjoy a flourishing That Empty Space and Yoga in the Space, as well as occasional outbreaks of Sex Toy Bingo. Movies That Matter has also seen a considerable resurgence this year, benefiting greatly from cooperation between Tri-Media and the SU, for which Lord has been the main contact.

Most importantly, though, as the university continues to flounder in financial insecurity, Lord took a strong stand on behalf of students, flatly refusing to consider implementing a fee to attend Bermuda Shorts Day.

Despite the many successful events, this year’s main weakness was changing the format of awareness weeks to the more amorphous wellness, cultural and arts months. While this allows for a more sustained program of events, there is some concern that the themes may be stretched too thin for students to stay aware of.

Commissioners contacted had positive things to say, with incoming VP student life Jennifer Abbott, who has worked under Lord all year, noting that Lord has helped lead the portfolio in the direction it will be assuming next year.

All told, Lord has shown she is able to both oversee and execute a robust events schedule while standing tall for students.

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