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Backstabbing intrigue

By Ben Hudson

Your neighbours want your land and you could fight them off, if only your family could stop fighting themselves. In Ayothaya, these are the circumstances that force Suriyothai to become a legend. Behind every legendary man is a legendary woman, but what makes a legend comes down to one question: Do you seek glory or… Continue reading Backstabbing intrigue

U of C makes president’s contract public

By Amy Badry

July 1 marked the first official day on the job for Elizabeth Cannon as the eleventh president of the University of Calgary. Another first is the publication of the president’s contract which was posted online listing, among other details, Cannon’s take-home base salary at $430,000.The U of C decided to post Cannon’s contract on its… Continue reading U of C makes president’s contract public

Online Only: Oscar predictions you can bank on!

By Ryan Pike

The ballots have been cast and the lights have been dimmed, so it must be time for the Gauntlet’s annual Academy Awards preview. This year, resident movie nerds Hoang-Mai Hong and Ryan Pike tackle Hollywood’s tribute to itself. Who will win? Who will lose? More importantly, who will predict more winners– Hoang-Mai or Ryan? [Editor’s… Continue reading Online Only: Oscar predictions you can bank on!

The Gauntlet’s Oscar Predictions 2007

By Ryan Pike

The 79th Academy Awards take place Sun., Feb. 25 in Hollywood, and the world prepares for a spectacle of celebrities in silly outfits, overwrought acceptance speeches and excessive door prizes. It is, in no uncertain terms, the motion picture industry’s annual celebration of themselves. As usual, there’s a lot of debate on who deserves it… Continue reading The Gauntlet’s Oscar Predictions 2007

Hollywood overshadows Four Feathers

By Nicole Kobie

The Four Feathers is a fantasy. Or, rather, it’s best when viewed with an imaginative eye. Set in a historical context, with beautifully realistic filming, it at times feels truthful. However, with a little creativity it not only becomes a swash-buckling, romantic adventure, but meaningful commentary too. Feathers is the tale of two soldier friends,… Continue reading Hollywood overshadows Four Feathers

McGoogan leaves John Rae a mystery

By Natalie Sit

Let’s be honest, our awareness of the Canadian northern region doesn’t extend much farther than Edmonton. Frankly, it’s too damn cold to contemplate but oddly enough the Arctic is a defining Canadian characteristic. Back in the day of stylish beaver hats and pre-Confederation, any British explorer with enough tea and a sturdy ship was hell-bent… Continue reading McGoogan leaves John Rae a mystery