Movie Review: Don’t listen to The Chorus of hype

By Katherine Fletcher

In the past few years, the North American market has worked up quite the appetite for foreign language films. Many of these, with their critical and commercial success, received prestigious film awards. Roberto Benigni’s Life Is Beautiful won the Oscar for Best Actor, a first ever for a non-English speaking role. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,… Continue reading Movie Review: Don’t listen to The Chorus of hype

Zatoichi does not disappoint

By Jeff Kubik

By Jeff Kubik

There are more than a few ways to make a samurai movie. Given the range of ways a man can be dismembered alone, the diversity of executions and choreographed swordplay is boggling. And yet, in many ways, they remain largely the same movie–good finally triumphs over evil, as katana meets juicy, graphic flesh. Thankfully, it… Continue reading Zatoichi does not disappoint

We’re with stupid

By Peter Hemminger

We aren’t the brightest sack of hammers in the bunch. In fact, we’re not even clever enough to understand what stupidity is. That’s the premise of Stupidity, a film that amounts to a giant “I’m With Stupid” t-shirt pointing straight at North American culture. It’s a documentary that manages to be informative and thoughtful while… Continue reading We’re with stupid

Master found dead in the water

By Rob Scherf

After the staggering success of last summer’s Pirates of the Caribbean, it seemed almost inevitable that we would see a glut of seafaring copycat blockbusters on the cinematic horizon. Sure enough, a scant four months after the release of Pirates of the Caribbean, Miramax has unleashed Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World,… Continue reading Master found dead in the water

Santa vs. the Snowman

By Stephanie Shewchuk

Hot chocolate squirt guns, an army of snowmen and mistletoe missiles are probably not the first things that come to mind when one thinks of a heart-warming Christmas tale. And yet, Santa vs. the Snowman manages to transcend the traditional cute family film genre by incorporating more mature, entertaining material and radiant imagery.Santa vs. the… Continue reading Santa vs. the Snowman