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Events hopefuls promise more good times

By Sara Hanson

Voters heard from 10 commissioner candidates and two vice-president candidates at the Students’ Union events forum on Wed., Feb. 8. The commissioner hopefuls each presented fairly similar platforms revolving around promotion of events, student participation and support for the Dinos. Christie Docking, who’s seeking a second term, would like to bring back Overflow, the official… Continue reading Events hopefuls promise more good times

Residence still dirty

By Christie Docking

Editor, the Gauntlet[Re: “Dirty Res rooms” article] I am contacting you regarding the recent article in the Gauntlet involving the state of the rooms in residence at move-in. Aside from the hectic schedules all students have at the beginning of the year getting their lives in order, those in Residence also have to concern themselves… Continue reading Residence still dirty

Shinerama 2005 breaks the $20,000 mark

By Bretton Davie

When Shinerama event organizers Christie Docking and Emily Wyatt told the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation their goal of raising $20,000, the foundation told them it was too ambitious for the University of Calgary. But as the intense fund-raising campaign nears its end, they are only $600 short of their target, setting a new record for… Continue reading Shinerama 2005 breaks the $20,000 mark