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Cop Talk

By Robert Granger

The Gauntlet’s legal department (thanks, Paul; we’ll drop off your fuzzy little you-know-what after your wife goes you-know-where for some hot and spicy ugly-bumping) has been kind enough to liaise with a veteran member of the Calgary Civic Police Force. We present to you Constable Harry Cox, who we’ll accompany during the early portion of… Continue reading Cop Talk

The Headstones

By Robert Granger

Bassists are always the "cool" ones in the band, laying down the groove amidst the quintessential guitarist, recognizable front man, and demented drummer. Think about it: Paul McCartney, Flea, Geddy Lee, well, not so much Geddy Lee… but you see the point. The stick man enjoys a popularity and reverence attributed only to the master… Continue reading The Headstones

A means to justify an end

By Megan Hope

Editors, the Gauntlet, This is a response to Robert Granger’s uninformed article in last week’s Gauntlet. He falsely accused RAK of being, "clamorous witch-hunters." He wrote this in reaction to what he thought was an unwarranted protest at the Board of Governors meeting. Granger’s insinuation that the BoG have no control over tuition and in… Continue reading A means to justify an end

Unruly, unintelligible protests do less for the student movement

By Robert Granger

By now, most of you have probably heard that you will pay about $150 more next year for tuition than this year (65 per cent of the maximum possible increase). I hope you’re angry and that you let the people really responsible for this continued pillage on your resources know what you think. I hope… Continue reading Unruly, unintelligible protests do less for the student movement

Learning Minister addresses U of C Senate

By Robert Granger

Tuition is not the problem… student debt is the problem." These were the words of Alberta Minister of Learning Lyle Oberg at the Jan. 26 University of Calgary Senate meeting. Held in MacEwan Student Centre, the student debt issue was a recurring theme throughout the minister’s speech and subsequent question period. What distinguished this Senate… Continue reading Learning Minister addresses U of C Senate

At least your name’s not like…

By Robert Granger

Ever wonder if Mike Diamond, the legendary Beastie Boy, was related to Neil Diamond? Me neither. This story attempts to clarify, or at least insinuate, relationships between some of the world’s most notorious jackasses solely on the basis of common last name. This is a thinking exercise. Bill Goldberg, "Athlete" The 6’4", 293 lbs, Atlanta… Continue reading At least your name’s not like…

Pigs to fly at SU

By Robert Granger

"Construction could begin as early as Spring 1996, with a completion date of Fall 1996." – Students’ Union President Kate Kimberly, Oct. 12, 1995 "Ground will be broken in July. If everything goes well, completion will be August 1998." – SU Vice-president Finance Akin Jeje, Feb. 20, 1997 "We may be looking at a spring… Continue reading Pigs to fly at SU

Expansion canceled

By Robert Granger

“All they had to do was sign a paper–and instead they faxed a letter that destroyed the building process.”This is how Students’ Union President Paul Galbraith describes the events which led to the most recent, and the most dramatic, postponement of MacEwan Student Centre expansion.Although the project has been on the drawing board for several… Continue reading Expansion canceled