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Spun: David Myles

By Pauline Anunciacion

The front cover of Into the Sun depicts David Myles in a smart tan suit against a dark gold background- an apt portrayal of classiness, charm and confidence. David Myles offers a fresh taste of folk with a hint of exoticism with a hip-hop spin and Jamaican soul.Myles’s snazzy and sensual voice, heard especially on… Continue reading Spun: David Myles

Spun:David Guetta

By Morgan McWilliams

David Guetta’s newest release, Nothing but the Beat, combines his recent taste for more Top-40 sounds and some of his hard, old-school beats. If you’re looking for an album to throw on for a party, this is your best bet. There’s something in this album for everyone. Guetta offers some softer beats with “I Can… Continue reading Spun:David Guetta

Spun: David Vertesi

By Remi Watts

I am of the opinion that David Vertesi, the young and handsome fellow that he is, gets laid on a most frequent basis (or at least should). I base my delicate yet serious opinion upon four premises: 1) His debut solo album, Cardiography is a shipshape sonically pleasing undertaking that could possibly be thought of… Continue reading Spun: David Vertesi

Spun: Dangermouse & David Lynch

By Laura Bardsley

During the first two minutes of this mega-album featuring a litany of musical heavyweights, I was completely into it. The layers of sound fading in and out around Wayne Coyne’s vocals, along with the familiarity of the Flaming Lips’ sound combine for a journey through nostalgia– voices you’ve heard before collaborating with sounds you wouldn’t… Continue reading Spun: Dangermouse & David Lynch

Spun: David Guetta

By Alicia Ward

David Guetta’s album One Love provides music that is exactly expected of him: repetitive electronic tracks encouraging listeners to grab some glow sticks and dance. These tracks include “The Sound of Letting Go” and “On the Dancefloor,” both of which sound identical to many other tracks on the album, particularly “Gettin’ Over.” This album does… Continue reading Spun: David Guetta

A song for Alberta’s centennial

By Salima Bhanji

When Alberta blows out 100 candles on its cake in 2005, Albertans won’t be singing “Happy Birthday,” they will be singing the new Alberta official song. In order to find the perfect tune, the Alberta Official Song Contest is currently soliciting entries. The winning entry will become the official song and the winning composer will… Continue reading A song for Alberta’s centennial

David Usher

By Andrew Ross

I had to check, but the songs on Hallucinations are not identical to the songs on David Usher’s last album–they just sound that way. Maybe he has a really well-developed “sound,” or maybe he hasn’t progressed as an artist at all–that all depends on whether you liked his last album. For those unfamiliar with Usher’s… Continue reading David Usher

David Jacobs-Strain, Stuck on the Way Back

By Sarah Wostenberg

Nineteen year-old David Jacob-Strain’s new CD, Stuck on the Way Back, is a worthwhile blues disc. Dealing with lyrics about unfortunate situations, Jacob-Strain tells stories about sad times when people hit rock bottom in their lives. The folky-blues backbone that accompanies the songs provides a suitable compliment, conveying humanitarian insight with the guitar licks. Songs… Continue reading David Jacobs-Strain, Stuck on the Way Back

Ghost of David

By Dave Teeuwen

This CD will haunt you. Damien Jurado’s newest foray into folk is nearly perfect in its ambience. Probably Sub Pop’s angel at this point, Jurado has made a career of moody folk over the past few years. This record proves his song-writing strength. Not unlike Hayden or Julie Doiron, Jurado sounds like Neil Young’s earlier… Continue reading Ghost of David