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Legally Blonde 2

By Donna Smith

As someone who believes that Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman are among the best movies of all time, I’ll admit that I was looking forward to watching Legally Blonde 2. A night out with one of the girls for a few laughs and popcorn sounded pretty good and it was obvious from the start that… Continue reading Legally Blonde 2

Info Commons opens again

By Brent Constantin

Some students are finding the Taylor Family Digital Library isn’t that much of an improvement yet because of a lack of computer work stations. The University of Calgary said the facility is a response to student demands for new, improved workstations and will eventually house triple the number of public computers and workrooms. The first… Continue reading Info Commons opens again

Oh Yeah!

By Cheri Hanson

Bad teeth, bad hair, bad clothes. Despite these faults, the new Austin Powers cd still has it. Providing a grand backdrop to the movie, The Spy Who Shagged Me’s strength lies in diversity of artists and songs. The list ranges from classics like The Who’s “My Generation (Live from the BBC)” to redone classics like… Continue reading Oh Yeah!