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Just because I’m drunk doesn’t mean I want to fuck

By Victoria Parent

Sexual assault is often associated with a redundant Hollywood movie scene — the one where the innocent female lead is stalked by the creepy middle-aged man with over-sized glasses in a sketchy van. This Hollywood scene is unrealistic, especially considering that one in four North American women are sexually assaulted in their lifetime, often by… Continue reading Just because I’m drunk doesn’t mean I want to fuck

Spun: Girls

By Andy Williams

September 2009 saw Girls break onto the American indie scene with their remarkable debut, simply called Album. What was equally remarkable and fascinating was the morbid story of band co-founder and frontman Christopher Owens. Owens grew up in the Children of God cult, where he watched a younger brother die due to neglect and a… Continue reading Spun: Girls

Runaways doesn’t run from cliches

By Jordyn Marcellus

Outside a few moments of rock’n’roll brilliance, nothing can stop the tidal wave of overwhelming music biopic cliches that makes watching The Runaways an eye-rolling chore. The Joan Jett produced flick is the premiere effort for Canadian music video veteran/photographer Floria Sigismondi, whose past work includes Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People.” The Runaways is Sigismondi’s… Continue reading Runaways doesn’t run from cliches