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Cannon officially sworn in as new president

By Jodde Mason

Dr. Elizabeth Cannon was officially inducted as the eighth president and vice-chancellor of the University of Calgary on Oct. 6. U of C Chancellor Jim Dinning lauded Cannon’s strategic vision as well as her inspirational and transparent leadership. “We opened our search to potential leaders and not just across Canada, but around the world,” said… Continue reading Cannon officially sworn in as new president

The state of Canada’s national defence

By Jodde Mason

Gordon O’Connor, retired Brigadier General, spoke Oct. 15 on the declining state of Canada’s military. O’Connor is an Ontario Conservative MP, who is enjoying his first tour in Parliament. He is the Official Defence Critic. According to O’Connor, the current Liberal government does not contribute enough funding to our military. In fact, he says the… Continue reading The state of Canada’s national defence

What he meant was…

By Greg Lang

Editor, the Gauntlet, Re: “There can only be one… election,” October 7, 2004 The article by the Gauntlet news reporter Jodde Mason reads: “I believe the Calgarian City Council about the fault that it’s a totalitarian regime”. The unevenness of this statement should suggest that it is the reporter’s mistranscription. Moreover, though, I kept a… Continue reading What he meant was…

From research to reality

By Jodde Mason

The University of Calgary opened a new off-campus facility called the Research Transition Facility Tue., Sept. 28. The RTF will turn research and discoveries into marketable products and services. They charge their tenants a moderate rent and encourage them to stay for up to three years.“[The RTF] will shape the future of this province,” said… Continue reading From research to reality

A+ gets a passing grade

By Jodde Mason

Two years ago, the University of Calgary implemented the A+ grading system, which incidentally caused some students to start getting better grades. Acting Dean of Communications and Culture, Edna Einsiedel gave the mark once when she was teaching. “[The student] carried out a pilot project to provide low-energy low-cost lights to an aboriginal community,” said… Continue reading A+ gets a passing grade

Exam bank still a no-go

By Jodde Mason

Last year the Students’ Union proposed an online exam bank, but it never came to fruition. “It was looked at briefly, but there were a number of issues that arose that made it not unfeasible but unlikely last year,” said SU President Bryan West. “The same sort of conditions exist this year.” One of the… Continue reading Exam bank still a no-go

Steve Earle

By Jodde Mason

Steve Earle wanted his latest album out immediately. In the eyes of Steve Earle, the album was that important. Or in his words, he wanted people to hear it before “the most important presidential election in our lifetime.”Understandably, The Revolution Starts Now is heavy with lyrics of a certain political sentiment. But, never do these… Continue reading Steve Earle