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Tony Blair is watching your children

By Joel Klettke

Despite the apparent controversy, profiling of DNA within the country has lead to a quadrupling of crimes solved through using this DNA technology.Nobody likes to be watched or monitored all the time, and if the issue was 24,000 miniature webcams to be installed in the bathrooms of the public, the controversy would be understandable, but… Continue reading Tony Blair is watching your children

Spam is people!

By Joel Klettke

Spam has once again rocket launched its annoying foot into my collection of heartfelt emails to Melissa O’Neil. But something has changed. In and amongst my usual plethora of “RX MEDS GUARANTEED TO LENGTHEN YOUR PENIS THREE FEET IN TWO HOURS!” and links to dozens of beautiful Japanese women who want to “Have fun good… Continue reading Spam is people!


By Joel Klettke

Dust off those imagination caps left over from elementary school, because this article is interactive. For just a moment, imagine yourself back in the ’80s. Instantly, at the very mention of the decade, all sorts of fun, quirky things will fly to mind: leg warmers, Hulk Hogan, big hair, synthesizers, Dukes of Hazard and hoop… Continue reading Pimpmydecade