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The cruelty of zoos

By Kathryn Aedy

One hanged mountain goat, 41 stingrays, four gorillas, a baby hippo and a baby elephant dead at the Calgary Zoo in the past four years. Calgary Zoo president Clement Lanthier cleared up the stingray controversy by stating, “I think we need to be very frank here. Our main expertise is not in fish here at… Continue reading The cruelty of zoos

Letter: Incorrect about corrections

By Lyle Stewart

Editor, the Gauntlet, As the communications advisor for the Union of Canadian Correctional Officers, I read your opinion piece, [“Death in the penitentiary,” Kathryn Aedy, Nov.13, Gauntlet] with interest. Kathryn Aedy raised many issues that plague Canada’s correctional service and are a daily preoccupation for the men and women who work on the frontlines as… Continue reading Letter: Incorrect about corrections

Death in the penitentiary

By Kathryn Aedy

Whether it is the result of social or psychological influences, people who want to die will find a way to do so. But, at the pre-suicidal stages, this unfortunate reality is a preventable one. It is possible to address the very issues that cause suicidal tendencies as they emerge, so that the breaking point won’t… Continue reading Death in the penitentiary

Transit crisis

By Kathryn Aedy

It’s 8-ish a.m. on a Tuesday. Over the span of 30 minutes, three buses at full capacity (all separate routes) slow down beside a bus stop just long enough to see the half-dozen people wanting to board, before speeding away, leaving stranded students, seniors, mamas and babies without the means to travel to their destinations… Continue reading Transit crisis