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House bunny to hippie

By Katrina Power

A role that involves improvisation, being called a “lesbian hobbit” by Sacha Baron Cohen and growing out your armpit hair probably wouldn’t tempt your typical Hollywood actress. Yet this unconventional part was eagerly nabbed by funny woman Anna Faris, who’s teaming up with Cohen for his latest farcical film, The Dictator. The movie, which is… Continue reading House bunny to hippie

Redefining design

By Katrina Power

On February 9, the Gerry Thomas Gallery is filled wall-to-wall with models, photographers, style bloggers and public relations managers at PARK’s third annual fashion industry mixer. Photos hang from the ceiling and the tables are messy with business cards and empty wine glasses. The success of the event is evident in the amount of attendees,… Continue reading Redefining design

Remembering missing and murdered women

By Katrina Power

In Canada, there are over 600 cases of Aboriginal women who have disappeared or been murdered over the past 30 years. Feb. 14 is a day to remember the missing women, and move towards changing the patriarchal and racist attitudes prevalent in society. According to the Native Women’s Association of Canada’s database, Aboriginal women represent… Continue reading Remembering missing and murdered women

In defense of Bush

By Mike Kelbert

Looking at the immense devastation and human tragedy the earthquake and storms of recent weeks have caused, one questions if the earth is coming to an end. If it is, rest assured the media will find a way to blame President Bush. When hurricane Katrina first hit there were stories of heroism, daring rescues and… Continue reading In defense of Bush

Global warming is everyone’s fault

By Saidia Green

The rapid influx of natural disasters over the past several weeks has begun to spread whispers about the end of the world–and even if you don’t buy into that fundamentalist the-end-is-near-crap, perhaps you’ve thought about it. Those ideas may seem to tie us into a higher power and spread hopeful feelings that we’re more important… Continue reading Global warming is everyone’s fault