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Harper’s hand in the jar

By Tyler Wolfe

Stephen Harper doesn’t care about black . . . figures. Last week, Harper publicly defended his government’s decision to reduce the Goods and Services Tax from its initial seven per cent to five per cent as a crucial measure to stimulate growth in our suffering economy. This statement was in response to criticism of the… Continue reading Harper’s hand in the jar

Fighting for a free and open media

By Tyler Wolfe

It is not uncommon to hear accusations of bias directed towards news media organizations in North America. From the CBC as a socialist mouthpiece to Fox News’ right-wing corporate agenda, it seems no media outlet is able to escape at least some finger pointing. Although there are exceptions, these types of accusations are frequently based… Continue reading Fighting for a free and open media

The siren song of nationalism

By Tyler Wolfe

There tend to be a handful of events throughout the year in which I find myself singing our national anthem. Undoubtedly some will find more occasions than I, others less. To be compelled to sing it five days a week, however, seems like overkill. A New Brunswick elementary school principal who decided it was unnecessary… Continue reading The siren song of nationalism

Letter: Believe in not believing

By Tristan Schorn

Editor, the Gauntlet, With regards to the article “The birth of the atheist evangelical” [Tyler Wolfe, Jan. 22] Wolfe’s comparison of the atheist bus ads with religious proselytizing is absurd. In no way does the atheist campaign tell you how to live your life or what to believe, it specifically tells you one thing not… Continue reading Letter: Believe in not believing

The birth of the atheist evangelical

By Tyler Wolfe

It’s Saturday morning and you’re feeling great. Not much to do except relax with a good book, or perhaps meet some friends for coffee at your favourite local joint. A knock at the door, however, interrupts your daydream. It is the knock of someone with much experience knocking. You peer through the window and see… Continue reading The birth of the atheist evangelical

Letter: Reconsidering Russia’s problems

By Sergey Petrov

Editor, the Gauntlet, [“Russia’s media massacre,” Tyler Wolfe, Nov. 27, Gauntlet] As one of many millions of Russians who had learned about Mrs. Politkovskaya’s work only after she had been murdered, I was quite shocked by the absurdity of accusations against Russia’s democratically elected leaders and the whole flood of anti-Russian propaganda that emerged after… Continue reading Letter: Reconsidering Russia’s problems

Concerning the coalition

By Tyler Wolfe

It tends to take a lot to get Canadians really riled up over politics. The actions of the Liberals and the NDP over the last week, however, have Canadians calling for blood. Some respectable political commentators are even referring to the proposed coalition as a coup d’etat. The Liberals, the socialists and the separatists are… Continue reading Concerning the coalition

Russia’s media massacre

By Tyler Wolfe

On Oct. 7, 2006 an unidentified man wearing a baseball cap entered the lobby of an apartment complex in central Moscow. It was President Vladimir Putin’s 54th birthday and he was almost certainly aware of the day’s significance. The man was waiting for a woman, but he wasn’t looking for a date. When Anna Politkovskaya… Continue reading Russia’s media massacre

Losing track of love: problems with Cali’s Prop 8

By Tyler Wolfe

Last Tuesday voters in the United States showed the world that democracy can, in fact, work. The American dream– the ability to achieve greatness from meagre beginnings– was shown to be alive and well. In two short months a man, whose candidacy 10 years ago would have been inconceivable and 50 years ago would have… Continue reading Losing track of love: problems with Cali’s Prop 8