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Barski’s Cabinet’s Mike Bosch wins VP External

By Katie Hobday

The highly coveted position of Students’ Union Vice-President External was decided last week as voting ended and the election frenzy died down. With five hopefuls vying for the position, the results showed a clear victory for Barski’s Cabinet member Mike Bosch. “When it all comes down, students decide who they want to represent and lead… Continue reading Barski’s Cabinet’s Mike Bosch wins VP External

VP External – Mike Bosch

Mike Bosch told us he was afforded the opportunity to run as Barski’s Cabinet’s external candidate because of his ideas. Unfortunately, his actual ideas are either poorly thought out or potentially ineffective, and he has virtually no experience relevant to the job. Like the other candidates, Bosch easily recognizes there are problems with university funding… Continue reading VP External – Mike Bosch

Bosch gets the boot

By Emily Senger

Members of the University of Calgary Students’ Union voted unanimously to fire operations and finance commissioner Mike Bosch from his post for failing to attend three consecutive Students’ Legislative Council meetings. The vote came in the Tues., Oct. 10 SLC meeting, as a result of Bosch neglecting his commissioner duties. Bosch was elected in the… Continue reading Bosch gets the boot

Lobbying successful?

By Ivan Danielewicz

Nothing but time will reveal how successful Students’ Union President Bryan West and Vice-President External Mike Bosch’s trip to Edmonton this past week was for increasing funding for the University of Calgary base operating budget. Previous Alberta budgets have only seen small increases in the base operating funding for Alberta universities. West and Bosch, as… Continue reading Lobbying successful?

Election time and student action

By Mike Bosch

Well, it is election time again; On November 22, 2004 Alberta will be voting to elect a new provincial government and students may be asking themselves: what is the point? Alberta has had the same government for 30 some years and unfortunately, for University of Calgary students, the provincial Tories haven’t been friendly to our… Continue reading Election time and student action

A strong Political Action Week

By Dale Miller

The Students’ Union’s Political Action Week is making post-secondary education an issue in the upcoming provincial election on Mon., Nov. 22, and everybody is happy with it so far. “The week’s going better than we could have expected,” said SU Vice-President External Mike Bosch. “We’re getting tons of students out to the events, and plenty… Continue reading A strong Political Action Week

Care to survey?

By Вen Li

Student leaders are frustrated with the Alberta government’s latest survey, but not with the survey itself. Without citing specific examples, Students’ Union Vice-President External Mike Bosch said media coverage of the “It’s Your Future” survey has become too political. “It’s been in the paper and on the news who criticize the Tories spending tax dollars… Continue reading Care to survey?

SU to launch lobbying campaign

By Katie Hobday

The Students’ Union has big plans for lobbying all levels of government this upcoming school year, with a focus on the election-bound provincial politicians. "There has been a lot of strategic planning this summer," said SU Vice-President External Mike Bosch, who has worked closely with the Council of Alberta University Students, to get ready for… Continue reading SU to launch lobbying campaign

VP External candidates strut their stuff

By Chris Beauchamp

Candidates Kevin Maloney, Mark Scholz, Mike Bosch and Robbie Schuett had their chance on the mic at the Students’ Union Vice-President External forum at Speaker’s Corner Wed., Feb. 4. Each candidate outlined their views on student issues, including how to deal with tuition increases, student loans and government lobbying. Outgoing VP External Lauren Batiuk asked… Continue reading VP External candidates strut their stuff