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Apathy this: SU by-election

By Stephanie Claggett

Voter apathy, rather than fierce competition, once again dominated the Students’ Union’s annual by-election. Joel Lockwood is the new Oper-ations and Finance Commissioner while Dickie Freeman won the position of Events Commissioner. Dustyn Richardson became the Fine Arts Faculty Representative with a grand total of 37 votes, and Philip James Schwieder won the coveted position… Continue reading Apathy this: SU by-election

SU has reservations for co-curricular transcripts

By Heather Moulton

Are co-curricular transcripts a good idea? On the one hand, a transcript of your volunteer work during university career sounds like a good idea, however, people have differing opinions about the program. “This is essentially a recognition of students for their involvement at the University of Calgary,” said Students’ Union Vice-President Academic Laura Schultz. “[It’s]… Continue reading SU has reservations for co-curricular transcripts

Travel Supplement Introduction

By Lawrence Bailey

The contents of this supplement are a little immature, especially as far as travel goes, considering the bulk of the authors and photographers are new to the game. Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia… these are not the Himalayas, Burundi or even Russia. Most of your friendly neighbourhood student journalists are not that different than… Continue reading Travel Supplement Introduction

Gauntlet (1985)

By Patrick M. Boyle

This game pitted one or two of four characters (Warrior, Valkyrie, Elf, Sorcerer) against an infinite onslaught of unavoidable enemies over the course of an endless dungeon crawl. Each level featured little “houses” spawning hordes of creatures to be killed by players’ thrown weapons. Most games of the era gave players the chance to make… Continue reading Gauntlet (1985)

Contra (1987)

By Patrick M. Boyle

If you happen to hear the word “contra” these days, chances are very good it’s being used to refer to this game, not the infamous U.S.-orchestrated contra missions in Iran and Nicaragua. If it seems odd that an NES game is better known than the bloody slaughter of indigenous civilians by American mercenaries, you probably… Continue reading Contra (1987)

Dr. Mario (1990)

By Patrick M. Boyle

This was Nintendo’s contribution to the puzzle game explosion led by the phenomenal success of Tetris. Each player started the game with a jar containing numerous red, yellow and blue viruses. The object was to eliminate all of the nasties by steering capsules thrown into the top of the jar by a lab-coated Mario. Lining… Continue reading Dr. Mario (1990)

France, 1998

By Patrick M. Boyle

Let me begin by saying that I’m no sports fan. Perhaps my knowledge of athletic lore is best defined by the fact that I had to check with my little brother to make sure that the World Cup is a soccer-related event. However, in spite of my lack of enthusiasm towards it, I do have… Continue reading France, 1998