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Weyler and Me

Academic Probation: The first time I heard about Greenpeace was on TV shows like the Simpsons or Saturday Night Live, who were very interested in lampooning the organization. Do you feel like the media ever got what you guys were doing? Rex Weyler: Oh yeah, the media got it, on the one hand, but anything… Continue reading Weyler and Me

Unclear message

By Rex Weyler

Editor, the Gauntlet, Re: “Weyler and Me,” Nov. 4, 2004 The interviewer may have misunderstood me on this last point: I didn’t say the Ruckus Society or MoveOn.org have difficulty delivering their message; both those groups have been excellent at delivering clear messages, just for the record. However, yes, some of the anti-WTO messages have… Continue reading Unclear message