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Letter: Reconsidering Russia’s problems

By Sergey Petrov

Editor, the Gauntlet, [“Russia’s media massacre,” Tyler Wolfe, Nov. 27, Gauntlet] As one of many millions of Russians who had learned about Mrs. Politkovskaya’s work only after she had been murdered, I was quite shocked by the absurdity of accusations against Russia’s democratically elected leaders and the whole flood of anti-Russian propaganda that emerged after… Continue reading Letter: Reconsidering Russia’s problems

Letter: Not so fast, scallywag!

By Sergey Petrov

Editor, the Gauntlet, Chris Tait’s article (“Canada Needs to Recognize Kosovo,” Feb. 28 Gauntlet) presents a very limited view on the problem of the possible separation of that Serbian province. Firstly, the author tries to convince us that the United Nations takes care of Kosovo, helping the break-away province “to establish acceptable level of security,”… Continue reading Letter: Not so fast, scallywag!