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Oppression, not a male experience

By Shelly Hering

Editor, the Gauntlet, Re: "Women’s centre not necessary," Oct. 9, 2003, Though I was not surprised by the opinion of the article on some practical level, being that this type of statement coming from a University of Calgary student is exactly why a women’s centre is necessary, I was surprised such an article was published… Continue reading Oppression, not a male experience

Dance Preview: Dancers of the proletariat unite

By Roxanna Pullan

As the fallen leaves become coated with their inevitable winter blanket, November marches boldly into December. For some reason, perhaps because of the coming bleakness, peoples’ minds turn to thoughts of celebration. The dance community is no different. Every year, when heavy coats and comical toques are trundled out, Calgary dancers embrace Dance Montage, a… Continue reading Dance Preview: Dancers of the proletariat unite

Monologues head V-Day

By Andrew Ross

“Think inside the box,” proclaim the posters around campus. And no, they’re not advertising the latest Dilbert spinoff. The posters advertise a production of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues, billed as part of V-Day 2002."V-Day is a week worth of events," explains coordinator and director Melissa Craig.V-Day, a Feb. 14 celebration of women’s issues inspired… Continue reading Monologues head V-Day