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A little hypocrisy with your tar?

By Stephen Broadbent

Alan Rock’s backing of new graphic warnings on cigarette packages raises the issue of whether images speak louder than words. The idea is that if slapping a warning label across 60 per cent of a cigarette pack doesn’t shock people into realizing that smoking can harm or kill you, then slapping a picture of these… Continue reading A little hypocrisy with your tar?

A message conveyed in silence

By Stephen Broadbent

There it is, the lure of higher education. We are all here stirring among narrow hallways and lining ourselves up like ducks for indoctrination. I notice a staggered looking fellow who appears to wander without direction while hundreds storm like ants to various classrooms, classes and careers. I am caught staring a moment too long… Continue reading A message conveyed in silence

Miracles or Marshmallow heads?

By Stephen Broadbent

She is motionless with swarms of hopeful believers waiting patiently nearby. Beads of blood and oil fall from the cheeks of Christian figurines while she lay in an unknown place where some say miracles can happen. She is a 15-year-old Worcester, Mass. resident from whom thousands seek to test their faith. Audrey Santo is a… Continue reading Miracles or Marshmallow heads?

Cyberport launched

By Stephen Broadbent

The Next Generation Internet, a network that transfers data via fibre optic cable, was unveiled as the Cyberport was launched at the University of Calgary Learning Commons Tues., May 18. The opening also launched Netera Alliance (formerly Wurcnet), one of the organizations responsible for creating the Cyberport."Alberta has one of the world’s most advanced high-speed… Continue reading Cyberport launched

Where’s your line?

By Stephen Broadbent

Consider idleness and its sources in governing how we as a western society react to crisis in the world. Lately, it seems the suffering in Kosovo has monopolized media agendas and dominated conversation. The tense, repugnant smell of war has been injected into the air around us. We are appalled at the terror and injustice… Continue reading Where’s your line?

The Gauntlet’s Oscar Predictions 2007

By Ryan Pike

The 79th Academy Awards take place Sun., Feb. 25 in Hollywood, and the world prepares for a spectacle of celebrities in silly outfits, overwrought acceptance speeches and excessive door prizes. It is, in no uncertain terms, the motion picture industry’s annual celebration of themselves. As usual, there’s a lot of debate on who deserves it… Continue reading The Gauntlet’s Oscar Predictions 2007

Election goes to dogs

By Benedict Arnold

Sitting in his normal spot, the MacEwan Student Centre Guide Dog realized that the results of the Gauntlet Tier One Election were completely meaningless to him. "I can’t read!" barked the dog. "Nor can I," confessed newly-elected Co-editor Еvan Osentоn. "That’s okay, South can’t even uncap a pen," replied fellow Co-editor-elect Jan Creaser. Newly-elected News… Continue reading Election goes to dogs