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New Gauntlet Editors

By Col. Ingus

Fearing regime change through force, the Gauntlet held its free and democratic elections on the first day of war in Iraq. “I will not leave the office!” screamed a triumphant Lawrence Bailey, who won the Editor-in-Chief election by one vote. “I will also tell my sons to stay put!”Other candidates were not so lucky.“I guess… Continue reading New Gauntlet Editors

This crocs a beauty, mate

By Andrew Ross

In the interest of transparency, I shall declare at the outsetthat I like Steve Irwin. I think he’s hilarious, and I find his tv show (co-hosted by his wife, Terri Irwin) extremely entertaining.Don’t get me wrong though; I agree he’s a complete nut. We’re talking about a man who once went on a trek across… Continue reading This crocs a beauty, mate