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The meta-opinion

By Jeff Kubik

The Socratic method is founded on the belief that, together, we can understand our world through careful examination and thoughtful discourse. The only thing of which Socrates was certain, he said, was that he knew nothing. Unfortunately, thousands of years later, the bleeding hearts of the freshly minted student body continue to drown student papers… Continue reading The meta-opinion

Theatre Preview: Thespian adventures

By Jeff Kubik

People don’t go to the theatre for many reasons, all of them unfortunate. For some, “theatre” is a stuffy rendition of The Nutcracker at Christmas, sweating through itchy clothes your parents crammed you into when you were too young to resist. Others remember high school outcasts embarrassing themselves at assemblies with interpretive dance. Of course,… Continue reading Theatre Preview: Thespian adventures

Movie Review: Definitely worth going to Hell for

By Jeff Kubik

Visit lovely Basin City. See soaking remains of men pounded into the floorboards; hear the crackle of staccato gunfire in dark alleyways; marvel at noir grotesquerie painted with dollops of jaw-dropping nudity, blanched blood and steely one-liners. Visit, but don’t stay. It’s murder trying to live in Sin City. Clear as black and white, Frank… Continue reading Movie Review: Definitely worth going to Hell for

Klein’s PSE priority

By Jeff Kubik

Last month, Premier Ralph Klein declared education the top priority of the latest Conservative mandate. Raising the spectre of a tuition freeze or “something of that nature,” Klein’s new position on education follows the creation of the Advanced Education Ministry days before the last provincial election. For student leaders like the U of C’s Students’… Continue reading Klein’s PSE priority

Theatre Review: 10 minutes of delight

By Jeff Kubik

For six years, Ground Zero’s 10 Minute Play Festival has brought together Calgary’s up-and-coming theatre companies before the assembled audiences of the High Performance Rodeo. Given a playwright, a prop and a line of dialogue (this year’s theme: George Bush’s dyslexic aphorisms), each company has 24 hours to prepare a new production.This year, the Big… Continue reading Theatre Review: 10 minutes of delight

Equal funding?

By Jeff Kubik

“The fact that in a rich province there should be any deficit at all from the provincial grant is already very serious and scandalous.” University of Calgary Faculty Association President Anton Colijn doesn’t mince words when it comes to the current levels of provincial funding for the U of C. Along with university administration and… Continue reading Equal funding?

A shout out to the West’s great minds

By Jeff Kubik

“I became aware, as early as my college days, that no opinion, however absurd and incredible can be imagined, that has not been held by one of the philosophers.” –Rene “solipsist extraordinaire” Descartes Tell me I’m not the only one. Tell me I’m not the first to have finished reading Descartes’ Discourse on Method and… Continue reading A shout out to the West’s great minds

We have issues…

By Jeff Kubik and Emily Senger

From closed bovine borders to AISH payments, Alberta’s provincial election has seen hundreds of appeals to voters. Despite the best agenda setting efforts of Alberta’s political parties, four primary issues have dominated the run up to Mon., Nov. 22–chirping, cowboy hat-wearing, not obviously-disabled women notwithstanding. Budget surplus This September, the Progressive-Conservative party announced the retirement… Continue reading We have issues…