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Avalanche claims engineering grad

By Вen Li

As friends and family across North America and Europe mourn the avalanche deaths of seven skiers in British Columbia on Mon., Jan. 20, students and faculty at the University of Calgary gave special attention to one victim in particular, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering graduate Naomi Heffler.“The one thing I will remember about her was she… Continue reading Avalanche claims engineering grad

Gauntlet feature unbalanced

By Peter Menzies

Editors, the Gauntlet,Re: “Who’s afraid of Conrad Black?” March 23, 2000     I have just read the article "Who’s afraid of Conrad Black?" by Еvan Osentоn which was one of the better written articles to have appeared lately in your esteemed organ. While Canadians are free to debate Mr. Black’s extensive newspaper ownership–although why no one worries… Continue reading Gauntlet feature unbalanced

Finding a balance

By Justin Lee

Scarborough-bred duo Citizen Kane, comprised of J-Spade and Rob Blye, manage to combine deep-conscious lyrics while still maintaining their hard-edged delivery. After 10 years of hard work and dedication, CK have graduated from b-boys to being one of the most respected hip hop duos in Canada, receiving critical praise for their 1999 Juno-nominated debut, Deliverence.… Continue reading Finding a balance

Is Alanis’ jagged little pill increasingly had to swallow?

By Erin Ryan-Walsh

As a result of listening to far too much CJAY 92 on my car radio, I have decided to explore the reasons behind my severe distaste for Canada’s very own Supposed Former Infatuation Junky or more appropriately Canada’s Supposed Former Dance Queen. Is it because she is overplayed? Is it because she is a former… Continue reading Is Alanis’ jagged little pill increasingly had to swallow?

Chosen to make the tough calls

By Collin Gallant

Unlike most sane people, I spent Sunday afternoon watching the first Progressive Conservative Leadership Debate. Please keep reading. I promise it won’t be stale analysis.If you didn’t see the debate (and you most likely did not), you didn’t miss much. As in many leadership debates, most candidates toed the party line and let phrasing draw… Continue reading Chosen to make the tough calls

Spun: Caribou

By Alan Cho

There is one problem that surfaces beyond all others for me on this record, “Odessa” is too good. It’s too catchy, too melodic and just repetitive enough to make you want it one more time at that sad 5:16 mark. This is where the problem lies. Yeah, okay, so “Sun” is also really good, but… Continue reading Spun: Caribou

Spun: Caribou

By Alan Cho

Ever since changing his name from Manitoba-due to a lawsuit that still doesn’t make sense-Caribou has been chugging ahead with his unique brand of kaleidoscope pop. Perhaps sole member Dan Snaith no longer sleeps, because the sound of this record is so light and dreamy that one senses the whole recording process was done during… Continue reading Spun: Caribou

Painkiller soothes no one

By Alan Cho

Shooting a demon in the face with a double-barreled shotgun once evoked a wonder misplaced amongst the post-Christmas tangle of wrapping paper and tinsel. The thrill of the wind as your bike escapes the shackles of training wheels. The moment before abbreviating the flaming dots on a birthday cake. What sad times we live in… Continue reading Painkiller soothes no one