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Making music for money

By Mike Luchia

Editor, the Gauntlet, Re: "The crime of the masses," Mar. 25, 2004, Being a music lover, and a frequent Kazaa user, I was stunned to see Myke Atkinson’s warped views on Internet music sharing in his opinion column last week. In the start of his column, Atkinson got a few things right; namely the importance… Continue reading Making music for money


By Myke Atkinson

Yeah, it’s pretty good. Not great, just good.For those who haven’t heard the news, the mish-mash-of-all-things-British band Coldplay has released a two disc set of material from their 2003 world tour. With its clever title and both a DVD and a CD, the set seems to be more of a stab at raking in as… Continue reading Coldplay

Death In Vegas

By Myke Atkinson

Death in Vegas have always worn their influences brightly and without shame. Since the day I heard the wicked grungy beats of “Dirt” off their debut album I have been in love with the band, so let me share some of that love with you.Scorpio Rising is the pair of producers’ third offering to date… Continue reading Death In Vegas


By Myke Atkinson

If you haven’t given a Doves disc a listen, I sincerely suggest you do. Lost Souls, their debut album, had all the indie kids proclaiming their newfound love in all its brooding glory, while their 2002 release, The Last Broadcast, took this former backing band to Badly Drawn Boy into the top 10 lists of… Continue reading Doves


By Myke Atkinson

On my ride home from work today, I noticed the guy beside me pull Radiohead’s new CD, Hail to the Thief, from his bag, about to pop it in to his discman. Being a chatty guy, I asked him what he thought of it. He said he loved it, and thought it was one of… Continue reading Radiohead

From Every Sphere

By Myke Atkinson

To be quite honest, I’ve never really liked the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover.” I’ve always felt that any truly great work of art is great because of the contributions of all of its parts, including the cover. So, when you receive a disc designed so poorly that it looks like you… Continue reading From Every Sphere

Hell is for Heroes

By Myke Atkinson

After getting this CD for review, I took it home and gave it two quick listens. I quickly forgot about it until an email asking for a review popped up in my inbox. Unfortunately, unmemorable is really the only word to describe the debut, full-length album from the angry boys from London, Hell is for… Continue reading Hell is for Heroes