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The lowdown on the Rundown

By Rob Scherf

The review for an action/comedy movie starring The Rock, Stiffler and Christopher Walken should write itself. The casting choices are more transparent than those in the upcoming Jackie Chan/John Cleese/Schwarzenegger vehicle, as if the executives at Universal got together over drinks one night and asked each other, “Who are the most bankable but mismatched stars… Continue reading The lowdown on the Rundown

Can I see some ID please?

By Ruth Davenport

In light of the Oxford Dictionary’s definition, the term Canadian identity might be considered an oxymoron.Ask a Canadian what the qualities or conditions of being a Canadian are, and they will look mighty puzzled. Canadian identity is not something that anyone has an easy answer for. The wide diversity of ethnicities within our borders, the… Continue reading Can I see some ID please?